Short bio

I'm a professional software engineer, currently living and employed in the Research Triangle Parkway. At the moment, I am helping create software used by millions of library patrons across the globe. I take pride in being a self-starter, a critical thinker, and someone who is easily approachable. I'm a fan of agile software development, extreme programming, and finding the right tool to solve the problem at hand.

Outside of the software world I am a huge car enthusiast. When I'm not working on software, I enjoy modifying on cars, writing about technology, and spending time with my wife and Kneesox, our Cornish Rex cat.

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Long bio

To my friends and family, it's no surprise that I have found a career in software engineering. Some of my earliest memories of working with a computer include being 8 years old and installing Windows 3.1 onto the family PC via an absurd amount of 3.5" floppy disk drives! I was instantly hooked and wanted to know more about how this mysterious box worked. This led me down the path of understanding how computer hardware operated.

Work Experience

My LinkedIn profile gives a great overview of my professional work experience. As of recent, I've been working on integrating systems and server-side development. I have spent a lot of time working in the .NET ecosystem, primarily using C#. I have experience with WinForms, WPF, Web Services, Web API and ASP.NET MVC.

I've worked with additional languages including Java, PHP and some Go. Ultimately, I prefer whatever language is best fit to solve the problem at hand.

Novelist, Software Engineer II, Durham, NC Nov 2017 - Present

At NoveList, I work alongside a skilled team of developers who are responsible for creating, maintaining, and extending suite of software used daily by millions of library patrons across the globe. My responsibilities as a full-stack engineer require me to demonstrate the ability to architect, implement, deploy and maintain systems using a variety of tools.

  • Maintain existing legacy products by fixing bugs, tuning performance and re-writing core modules
  • Helped champion adoption of .NET Core throughout the technology division
  • Architecture and implementation of a customer facing Dashboard to display customer usage analytics. Created using React, .NET Core and OAuth2/OIDC.
  • In addition to my normal engineering duties, I act as scrum master for a team of 5 developers
  • Helped convert legacy user interface from dated jQuery templates to a modern frontend build pipeline, using Webpack and React
  • Mentor junior developers

aWhere, Software Engineer, Durham, NC May 2016 - Sep 2017

Worked on a small, agile engineering team focused on maintaining and extending the back-end micro-services of the core API platform, which utilize C# (.NET 4.6 and Core), Java, Docker, SQL Server and PostgreSQL. The small team size led to a wide variety of responsibilities being delegated to each engineer.

  • Created a C# library which was used to improve accuracy of company's weather model by extracting global weather data from NASA GPM satellite.
  • Advocated for use of open-source software which led to all further services being implemented in .NET Core.
  • Build new client-side SPA (http://apps.awhere.com) using Docker, Vue.js 2, OpenResty, WSO2 Identity and .NET Core Web API.
  • Helped develop ETL pipeline for customer facing PowerBI Embedded report that consumes data from Azure SQL database.
  • Extended the automated build and deployment pipeline using BitBucket, Team City and Octopus Deploy.

B2R Finance, Software Engineer (Cloud Applications), Charlotte, NC Aug 2015 - Apr 2016

As a software engineer at B2R Finance, I developed custom B2C applications which integrated with the Salesforce.com platform in addition to building new functionality into existing web application.

  • Created RESTful services using Java Spring which were utilized by company's mobile and web platforms.
  • Developed a messaging system which integrated an online web-app and Salesforce.com API.
  • Convinced company to implement version control (git on BitBucket) to their software development pipeline.

Sirius Computer Solutions, Software Developer, Greensboro, NC May 2014 - Aug 2015

I developed internal tooling to help optimize business processes by extending an existing C# WinForms application. In addition to general software development, I also worked directly with clients, serving as a subject matter expert.

  • Reduced time of internal on-boarding process from 30 minutes to 20 seconds through a PHP web-app which extended the functionality of Box.com.
  • Acted as lead developer on client-facing software project which generated 150k in total revenue.
  • Overhauled front-end of internal web portal using modern web technologies.

Pixels, Web Developer, Greensboro, NC May 2013 - May 2014

I served primarily as a web developer for this boutique media shop, working directly with clients to help create custom, dynamic websites as well as managed their web hosting and email accounts.

  • Developed custom websites using Drupal and WordPress for clients, implementing PSD mockups.
  • Built web-app which recommends courses of interest to middle school students transitioning into high school.
  • Created a reusable Drupal module, written in JavaScript, which allows end-users to quickly create an emergency alert banner across their website.